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Welcome to the Iles Formula Journal.

I am excited for you to experience and share my passion for beautiful hair. Follow us here for the latest news, updates and special promotions on Iles Formula. I look forward to taking you behind-the-scenes of celebrity hairstyling, as well as sharing my inspirations, tips, tricks and how-to guides.

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wet styling - wet set - roller set - hair roller - hair style

How to style your hair without using hairdryers and mousse? We all know that heat can damage your beautiful hair, depleting it of nutrients and destroying the texture, but did you also know that chemicals in products such as hair waxes and hair…

2019 summer hair color trend - pastel hair color - Icy Rose tint on Gold ombre - pink - Icy rose gold - angelic wavy hair - angel hair

Summertime! Not only is it time for the beach, bikinis, and cocktails at sunset, it is also time to update your look with a brand-new hair color. The right trendy hair color can instantly impress those around…


Pretty much every other lady visits the salon for their ordinary administrations, even the ones follow modest fashion make normal visits to the salon to keep them up to dated and look wonderful. Finding the correct magnificence and hair salon can…

Iles Formula Woman - Danuta Mieloch - Rescue Spa in NYC and Philadelphia

Danuta Mieloch is the founder of Rescue Spa located in NYC and Philadelphia, offering a highly personalized, integrative and comprehensive approach to skincare and beauty. Skincare is her business, and Rescue strives to make clients feel their…

Healthy Hair Vs Unhealthy Hair

Haircare is an umbrella term that includes hygiene, nourishment, and cosmetics for our locks; it does not merely refer to the hair on your head. Caring for your hair may involve other areas of the body, which may include facial and body hair….

Kattia Solano from Butterfly Salon

Iles Formula welcomes legend hairdresser Kattia Solano owner of Butterfly Studio Salon in NYC. With over 25 years of experience, Butterfly Studio Salon founder Kattia Solano is a female industry pioneer who embodies a strong and fearless…

pregnant-dying-hair- self care - hair care

Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič – @specialdaddy on Unsplash When you get pregnant, your life suddenly becomes all about the baby that you are carrying. You put your baby’s concerns as the top priorities when you do everything. And…

Iles Formula Hair Talk - Benjamin James from Ryder Salon in Auckland, New Zealand - Hairstylist

This week we present Iles Formula Hair Talk Featuring Benjamin James from Ryder Salon in Auckland, New Zealand. Ben is a highly competent cutter and all-round stylist. He travels to Milan and Paris twice-yearly to the European fashion show…

Rice Water - fermented rice - natural hair

How to wash one’s hair with rice water is one of the top trending searches for hair care recently, but it is actually an ancient hair care method with a long history in Asia. Japanese women in the Heian period (794-1185 CE) had floor-length…

Capriece Batchelor - The COH Salon - USA salon - san francisco - barber

Capriece Batchelor is the visionary behind The COH Salon and a Master Stylist. He is at his best when he is taking care of people. Throughout his 28 year career, he has developed the perfect intersection of service, artistry and attention to…

Don’t we all just love the beautiful luscious curls fresh from the salon that give us so much confidence? With your beautiful, silky and bouncy salon-styled curls, you are walking around all day with the wind in your hair, a spring in your…

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