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Curl Revive


6.8 fl oz / 200ml
16.9 FL OZ / 500ML
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Curl Revive CURL Revive Serum
To honour women who wear their hair wavy, curly or spiraled ILES FORMULA have developed an haute performance CURL REVIVE spray. Curls are definitely more difficult to handle, so we have provided you with some simple steps to ensure your curl will be sumptuously and beautifully formed. Straight hair: Iles Formula Revive can also be used on straight hair to add more nourished texture during or after blowdrying.
Shampoo and then condition with Iles Formula. Comb the conditioner through from roots to ends to separate curls. This should be the last time you attempt to comb your curls until dried. Rinse the conditioner in a downward direction instead of back. Refrain from adding friction to your curls with a towel, instead, lean over and squeeze the water out so that the curl remains in shape. The Iles Formula absorbent hair turban is the perfect towel for this purpose. Apply the Iles Formula Curl Revive liberally throughout the hair. Try not to disturb the curls too much. Dry either with a diffuser or allow the hair to dry naturally. Next day freshen curls by dampening with water and re-applying Iles Formula Curl Revive.

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Iles Formula Curl Revive is not only for naturally dried curls but also for blow drying curly, frizzy or straight thick coarse hair smooth.


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  1. Lauren

    This product is amazing. I’ve tried almost every curly hair product and nothing seems to work or tame my hair. This stuff defines with no frizz plus I love the smell. I even slept on it and I hardly had to do anything to it the next morning, which is unheard of for me. Worth every penny.

  2. ThuyThi

    I received a blowout from butterfly studio in Manhattan, they only used this one product on my hair and it is the best blowout ever! Positive it’s a combination of great stylist and great product!

  3. Julie Masfort

    My hair is not curly, but very thick and straight. I have used it blow drying into my hair as I saw on your instructions of use to do. I have to say it’s perfect on every level. My hair is AMAZING! It’s never been so good, so soft and silky and tamed.

  4. Susan Peterson

    My curls have never been better. Thank you!

  5. Susan Smith

    I love this Curl Revive. My hair is a bush of frizz, I blow dry it in and it’s just as you say in your posts “Finishing Serum on steroids”!
    I was using the Finishing Serum but will replace it now with the Curl Revive. Does the Curl Revive have the same heat protectors?

    • Wendy Iles

      Dear Susan. Thank you for reaching out. Our Curl Revive has all the extras like the Iles Finishing Serum. Protectors against heated tools, UV, color fade and humidity.
  6. Clary B

    You have hit the ball outside the ball park with this one! Phenomenal.

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